Sunday, December 16, 2007

Not my fault!

We're experiencing Weather in Indianapolis. We had ice and snow last night, and the roads were pretty bad this morning. We had a dance performance scheduled at the Artsgarden today, and after an hour of indecision the head of the dance studio decided to postpone the performance to another date (the show was the studio's "The Show Must Go On" concert, but I notice that she never said when the show must go on). We're fine with this; we had two of our three performances cancel yesterday due to snow, and the roads were much worse today. We were even okay with the delay before she pulled the plug, even though it meant that we had already done some setup work and heavy lifting before we got the final word.

What I wasn't fine about was that the director lied to her students and their families. She told them that we, the Artsgarden, had canceled the performance, even though she wanted the show to go on. I found out about this the hard way: by having a few irate parents give me a hard time for canceling the show over the director's strenuous objections. I explained to them that if I were going to cancel the show, I would've done it from the comfort of home (possibly the comfort of bed), rather than driving all the way down here and schlepping a dance floor upstairs. We were here and ready to go; the director was the person who was still at home at call time. These are compelling arguments, and the parents believed me. I'm hoping they pass the word to other irate parents and students. I'm having second thoughts about rescheduling them; this might be a cancel, instead of a change of date.

On a happier note, I'm glad our second performance didn't cancel. Circle City Sound sang some great barbershop harmony, and they're entertaining to watch and hear. I've worked with them a lot, starting ten or twelve years ago at Warren, and I've always had fun with them. To end the show they broke away from the Christmas songs and sang a Valentine's Day song, during which one of the chorus members proposed to his girlfriend. It was nice to watch.

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