Sunday, November 11, 2007

Uh-oh moment for today

Today I start hanging the holiday decor at the Artsgarden. The hanging cable and electrical cord for each piece is custom sized, so it's important that every piece goes back exactly where it hung last year. To make this a bit easier, when I took them down last year I made a detailed plan wherein I labeled all the pieces and made a chart for where everything hangs. I even made an ID chart so I could tell which piece is which even if the markings wear off. So this morning, I engaged in a bit of panic when I couldn't find the hanging guide. I looked through all the piles of paperwork on my desk several times, and I couldn't find it anywhere. I spent half an hour hunting for the install manual, and I had no luck. Finally, in desperation, I checked the last place I would ever put important paperwork: my filing cabinet. And there was the decor manual I had so painstakingly made. It was cleverly hidden in a file clearly labeled, "HOLIDAY DECOR INSTALL". This is a sign; either I need to file everything in labeled folders, or I need to eschew the filing cabinet totally and stick with the pile system. The dual system is causing me some stress....

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