Friday, November 16, 2007

random thought: Luigi Boccerini

The Artsgarden hosts a monthly performance by the Artsgarden Chamber Ensemble. The performances are arranged by two musicians from the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, Vladimir Krakovich and Yefim Pastukh. It's a group of varying size and composition; sometimes it's a classical string quartet, sometimes they have a pianist, sometimes a violin quartet. They've occasionally been joined by trumpets, trombones, a flutist, even a harp, and they arrange much of their own music. Their performances are always exceptional, and their taste in music is impeccable. They showcase work ranging from popular, easily recognizable Mozart pieces to some of the more obscure works by Telemann or Domenico Alberti. It's always worth catching their monthly performance if you can.

So, today's music includes a piece by Luigi Boccerini. Every time I hear someone announce a piece by Boccerini, a little voice in the back of my head translates it as Bach + Rob Schneider from Saturday Night Live: "Bach, Bacherini, the Bachinator, The Bachmeister...".

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