Thursday, November 15, 2007

Break test

This week at the Artsgarden, we hung some medium-heavy holiday decorations, and I'm extremely safety-paranoid, so I took the rigging for one of the pieces to Tway Cable and had them break -- oops, I mean "test to destruction" -- one of the cables. The heaviest piece weighs 140 pounds. If the ideal safe working load is the industry-standard 20% of breaking strength, that means I'm looking for a break point of at least 700 pounds. The actual break point: 2300 pounds. My paranoia is satisfied.

And, it didn't break where we thought it would. The cable didn't pull out of the hardware; the weak point was the cable itself. I didn't take pictures of the breaking, but I do have a photo of the broken cable. Watching the Tway guys break the cable was a total guy moment, like hitting something with a hammer but louder and more kinetic.

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