Saturday, October 13, 2007


I was debating getting up early this morning and spending some time at a restaurant, eating a nice breakfast and reading a book. But a friend recently sent me a jug of authentic Vermont maple syrup, so I opted for waffles at home instead. It's really good syrup; I'm taking any excuse to consume some. And we almost never have waffles when Laura's home, so I'm taking my waffles when I can get them. I'm a bad judge of how much batter to use, and I usually err on the side of too much. So I often end up with little half-cooked bits that stick out around the edges of the waffle iron, and I sometimes share the edge bits with the cats. And they know it. Here's Koko waiting for the first batch:

I'm assuming that waffle bits aren't bad for cats. If they are, don't tell Laura!

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