Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Vista. Sucks.

I spent the last four hours playing around with Laura's new laptop, trying to make it boot up. Apparently she removed a USB security dongle while the system was hibernating, which was enough of a disruption that it crashed the system. Worse, it broke something that the system needs to start up. None of the utilities that came with the computer are any help; I've done a system restore to half a dozen different restore points, the auto-repair utility has run often, I've tried booting in safe mode, and nothing helps. My next step is to start over, scrap everything, and reinstall the OS.

Or, an OS. I'm debating installing XP instead of Vista. I'm a bit grouchy that Vista is so twitchy; unplugging a dongle shouldn't cause irreparable system damage. XP is more stable, and it'll run much faster. On the other hand, Vista is about to release a service pack which will theoretically help with this kind of stability problem (without changing its bloated, resource-hogging nature, I'm sure). And, even though it sucks, Vista is the Way of the Future. Unless you can afford the huge pile of cash required to go Mac, which I'm leaning towards pretty heavily. We've been Mac at work for almost a year now, and they're not problem-free (though, again, a lot of the problems have to do with evil Microsoft software). But they're true orders of magnitude more functional than PCs. And it's a pretty good bet you can't destroy a Mac by unplugging a dongle.

So, any advice? Stick with Vista, or revert to XP?

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Keith said...

I vote reversal! Software gets worse faster than hardware gets better.