Thursday, October 11, 2007

Typing like a beginner again

I'm having a bit of trouble with carpal tunnel symptoms, and a bit of tendonitis too. Since I'm planning on typing a lot, I decided to pick up the dvorak keyboard and see if it helps. I figure, if Holly Lisle* can do it, so can I. I made the switch yesterday, and from today on I'm doing all of my typing in the dvorak layout. I'm giving it a month to see if it helps. So far, I'm managing. It's slow*, less than 15 wpm so far. Some of it is just learning-curve stuff, but the shifted punctuation is messing with my sense of order. And I keep hitting* the tab key instead of the apostrophe*. But I can already see how efficient the layout is. They aren't kidding about how many words you can type from home row.

My only problem us that I've got to do a lot of typing in the near future. Having to type a lot is going to suck -- both in the usual sense, and in the sense that it'll suck a lot of time. And they say it's a lot easier if you don't try to switch back and forth between a dvorak and a qwerty* keyboard while learning. So wish me luck....

Update: I'm actually handwriting* my notes for class tomorrow (more on this later) because it's taking so long to type them. Gaaah!

* These are very strange words in dvorak.

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