Friday, October 26, 2007

Random Linkage: T-shirts

Since I officially became a grown-up (I've been mentally factoring this as whatever age I'm currently at, minus six months), I almost never wear T-shirts with clever sayings. There was a time when at least half of my wardrobe consisted of witty (or tasteless) tees, but that time has passed. I've only acquired two funny shirts in the past six or seven years; one was a gift, and I bought the other mostly to support the guy selling them. Now, on the rare occasions I wear T-shirts, the subtext has shifted. Instead of my shirt saying something that translates as, "I Am Clever And Witty," the message now roughly translates as, "I got this shirt for free from a band or performing arts organization." Still, I'm entertained by t-shirt humor. Here are some of my favorite places to window shop:
For the badass metalhead Harley guy with a chip on his shoulder (and the posers): Wicked Jester.
Generic funny clothing at T-Shirt Trauma.
Witty shirts for writers: The Write Snark.
And, one of my all-time favorites: the Neighbor of the Beast shirt.

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