Thursday, October 04, 2007

Overheard conversation

Here's a snippet of a conversation I overheard in a restaurant this week:

GirlOne: "Just remember, no matter what you're doing, No Means No."
GirlTwo: "Or, in this case, humming the Gilligan theme through a gag means No."

The rest of the conversation was similar in tone and content to this, and it was pretty fascinating (and a little informative). I'm pruriently curious about the situation behind this conversation. I almost suspect it was a bit of guerrilla theater; it was awfully clean (in the "devoid of umms, uhhhs, and likes" sense), and it was a little too clever and witty to be normal people's regular speech, unless there really are people who talk like the gang on Friends or Buffy.

So you know, I wasn't really eavesdropping; they were in the booth next to me and weren't talking very quietly (again, maybe guerrilla theater). Plus, I have trouble writing dialogue, and I find that listening to people talk helps a lot. I don't know how much this particular conversation helped. I don't write that kind of story....

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