Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mildly discombobulated

It's not just mismatched shoes. My entire day is a bit off, in lots of little ways. I think it's probably because Laura left on tour today. We got to spend some wonderful time together, and we had lunch together before I took her to the airport. But I've been a bit distracted. I really enjoy Laura's company, and I've been doing some pining since she left. Which is odd, in a practical sense. Even if she were working in town, it's likely I wouldn't have seen her yet. But knowing she's not coming back for a few days means I started missing her early, even before she was out of town. Odd, but true.

The day's also had a few other non-Laura oddnesses. For one thing, I booted the Meeping Cat out of the house again today; he's been pooping and peeing randomly in the basement, and we'd prefer he didn't. I'm a little worried about him, since it's suddenly gotten cold outside. We saw 90 degrees on Monday, and tomorrow morning it's supposed to be 40, with a high of only 58. I sprayed our outside potted plants for bugs today, and tomorrow I'll bring them in the house. Though it might not be a huge improvement; we have no heat. The thermocouple on our furnace is toast, so it's a bit chilly in here. I've broken out my fleece clothing, and I threw an extra blanket on the bed (okay, technically an electric blanket). And it's messing with my sense of order that I can't fix the furnace myself. I know exactly what's wrong with it, but our furnace is of dubious origin; not only can I find no serial number or model number, I can't even figure out who made it. So I can't find the replacement part. I'm hoping an expert will be able to look at the furnace and know who made it. We'll find out when the expert arrives, which should be a week from today. This is apparently the busy time for heating contractors....

I'm done whining about the slightly surreal nature of my day. Bedtime.

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