Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A few random Dvorak thoughts

I thought about learning Dvorak with the learn-by-doing method, but I wanted to make the transition as easy as possible so I'm using software to help. I've got a dvorak tutor (Type Faster) on my home computer which I use every morning and evening, and I also carry Dan Wood's A Basic Course in Dvorak on my flash drive for when I've got a few free moments in my workday. I don't have a standard for comparison, but this system seems to be working out pretty well. Five days so far, and I'm already pretty comfortable with the layout. Slow, but comfortable.

My Mac at work is very nice about shortcut keys. The keys are dvorak, but the physical locations of the shortcuts is the same. This is more help than I would've thought. The standard shortcuts are handy because of where they are (conveniently near the ctrl key), not because of what's written on the key face. Those Mac guys are pretty darn clever. Unlike those Microsoft guys. On my PC, my shortcuts jump all over the keyboard when Dvorak's active.

In addition to picking up Dvorak, I figured out another trick for reducing keyboarding pain: don't type with a cat laying across your forearms. If this advice sounds obvious to you, it's probably because you've never owned cats like Koko and Meeper.

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