Sunday, October 21, 2007

A few new pictures

I just added some new pictures to my Flickr page. Two of them are of cats on our roof. I spent some time today on the roof, working on siding the dormer on the front of the house. I leave the window open, and the cats decided to follow me out. Chaka is maybe the least adventurous of the cats, but she was the first to explore the roof with me. Koko and Emmett spent a long time climbing all around the roof peaks. They were taking it slow; even for cats, the roof pitch is apparently a bit steep.

Also some pictures of me at work. One of our musicians had a photographer take performance shots, and he got some pics of me too. I don't remember exactly when this show took place, but it has to be a pretty old photo; I've had the goatee for over a year now, so these have to be older than that....

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