Friday, October 12, 2007

Dvorak and passwords

One odd observation: dvorak really messes with my tendency to touch-type passwords. It takes me a minute to even remember some of mine, since I usually type them by reflex. So I corrected for this by changing my passwords. The keystrokes didn't change; it just spells something different now. It's extremely secure, too. Some of them even contain punctuation. This will also serve to keep me from backsliding -- it'll be hard to even remember my passwords on a standard keyboard.

My Mac at work is very nice about shortcut keys, in a similar fashion. The key layout is dvorak, but the physical locations of the shortcut keys are the same. This is more help than I would've thought. Those Mac guys are pretty darn clever. On the down side, the keyboard layout doesn't load until you login (it doesn't know which user you are yet), so the first password always has to be on the qwerty layout....

Update: I just figured out that all the MacOS password dialog boxes are still stuck on the qwerty layout. That's a bit less convenient.

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