Sunday, October 14, 2007

Does it really self-destruct?

I was just shopping online for a new flash drive, and I found this: the IronKey drive. It's a neat security solution, but it solves a problem I don't have, so I won't be buying one. They're interesting, but they're also huge and expensive compared to standard flash drives. I'm only mentioning it because a question on their FAQ asks, "Does it really self-destruct?" They answer that the drive will securely wipe itself clean if tampered with, but (I quote): "You, personally, should not be physically harmed when this happens." Shame; I was getting Mission: Impossible flashbacks for a minute.

BTW, I'm leaning toward either the tiny Sony flash drive or the Sandisk Titanium. Not surprisingly, the Sandisk isn't actually made with titanium. But it's physically larger and therefore harder to lose. On the down side, it's also heavier and sticks further out of a laptop, and is therefore more susceptible to potential cat damage....

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