Monday, October 15, 2007

And, comic

A while back, Randall Munroe drew an XKCD comic containing coordinates and a date. The date was a few weeks ago, and the coordinates were in a park in Cambridge. And hundreds of people showed up, with no organizing or advance planning of any kind. This might be the coolest thing I've ever heard of.

Honestly, I thought about going. If the coordinates were close enough, I'm pretty sure I would've; I even marked the date and time on my Google calendar. Mostly because I really liked that comic, and because a part of me would really like to believe that wanting something might make it real. And obviously it worked for the people who were there. I wish I could've been a part of it; these are My People. Or rather, I suspect that had I made some different choices in my life, these would've been my people. I'm not sure who my people are now....

On the plus side, XKCD fans take a lot of pictures, so I could vicariously experience the day.

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