Sunday, September 16, 2007

Spreading the love (and the hair)

It's laundry day in the Glover/Mountjoy household. We all have duties: Laura and I sort and pre-treat stains and wash and dry and fold. The cats wait until I've folded some clean clothes and piled them in the basket to carry upstairs, then they fwump on the laundry and nap. They like knowing that they're part of the process, even if their part involves getting cat hair all over the clean clothes. Today I ran upstairs for a moment, and when I came back down I had two cats in the dryer, padding nests into the warm laundry. Apparently, they didn't want to wait until it was folded; the hair distribution is more efficient if the laundry's still tumbled together in the dryer. They also scientifically determined that for maximum hair-dispersal effect, the long-haired black cat and the long-haired white cat should get in the dryer together. No matter what color the laundry (cats are somewhat colorblind, after all), the combination of black and white hair would maximize the effect. The cats were all in on this plan together, too; the Meeper acted as lookout on the basement stairs, while Koko and Emmett climbed into the dryer. Chaka might have looked like she was asleep on her chair upstairs, but I'm convinced that she actually masterminded the plot. In her youth she was the laundry impediment, and now she's passing the torch down to the younger cats.

Evil confession: I was a little tempted for a moment to close the door and turn the dryer on for a second, just to see what the cats would do when I opened it. I didn't do it for two reasons. One: it would be a little evil. And, two: I don't need to perform the experiment if I already know the results. I have no doubt about what Koko and Emmett would do after one second in a clothes dryer; the only real experimental variable would be discovering exactly which piece of upstairs furniture I'd find them hiding under....

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