Saturday, September 08, 2007

No-longer-hiking boots

I've got some pretty big items on my Jeff Wants list, but it really doesn't take much to make me happy. Today's happiness-inducing purchase: I just spent three dollars on new laces for my hiking boots. They're shorter than the old laces so they don't catch in my bike chain, and they're fashionably two-toned. Also, they're not frayed and broken, which is nice too. I'm hoping I don't cause some kind of brand-name rift in the fabric of space-time, putting Keen brand laces on my Merrell boots.

Today's the first day I biked in my hiking boots. I had to cycle to the Artsgarden to run a show, then to Penrod to help Laura take down a stage, and it's expected to pour down rain. The boots seemed like a good choice for multitasking, and they're still comfy and functional when soaking wet. They're extremely comfy and durable, and they lock onto the pedals better than my normal cycling shoes (a pair of $20 cross-trainers from Target). I'm not sure why I haven't cycled in them before. I think I was working from the theory that you're not supposed to wear trail hikers as street shoes, because they'll wear out quicker. It just occurred to me this morning that it's not really an issue; I don't think I'm ever taking another big hiking trip. Last year's week in King's Canyon was a nice finish for my backpacking career. And these boots are comfortable enough that they'll make nice everyday footwear.

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Tom said...

Nice post!! I love adventure and hiking. Got a pair of Timberland hiking boots on my last hiking, those are really very comfortable and durable. I also use them as a casual wear.