Thursday, September 13, 2007

The New Trendy Drink

While Laura and I were having lunch at the Aristocrat a few weeks ago, a bar order came in for a few mojitos. They normally don't make these, but it was a slow day, and the bartender had some extra time, so she bent the rules and made the drinks. The patrons sent them back, saying they were awful and unpalatable and totally not mojitos. One of them was extremely snippy about it; she refused to even drink a beer poured by the person who made her mojito. The bartender was a little offended at this, but she understood. Mojitos are this year's cool drink; they're apparently featured in an extremely hip teevee commercial. And most people have only experienced mojitos in the form of a just-add-rum mix in the freezer case at the grocery: a sort of sweet lime-and-mint slushie, with rum. A real mojito is pretty radically not what they're expecting. If a mojito had coconut in it, I'd refer to the Coconut Effect here....

Our bartender also had funny stories about another entry in the "this year's coolest drink" category: the cosmopolitan. Apparently, the main character in Sex and the City always drank cosmos. So, a few years ago, people would show up in bars and order a cosmo so they could be just as cool as Sarah Jessica Parker. And they'd discover that a cosmo is a lot like a martini, and not necessarily pleasant to drink. Our bartender had a lot of returned cosmos when Sex and the City was on the air, and had a fair number of people insist that she had to be making them wrong, because Carrie wouldn't drink something like this.

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