Saturday, September 22, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Laura and I got married six years ago today! We celebrated by taking a trip to Garfield Park and spending some time in the Sunken Garden, where we held the ceremony. We reminisced about the wedding day and the preparation, and we had our official celebratory lunch at the Weber Grill next to the Artsgarden. Laura has to work tonight, so we couldn't spend all day celebrating. But we got to spend some fun time together, so we're happy.

Today we started talking about eventually taking an actual vacation; our last vacation was three days, for our fifth anniversary. Our last before that was in January 2003. We'd really like to get away for a while sometime in the next few years, so we're tentatively planning on spending a week or two at the ocean. Target date: January 2009. That should be enough time to save up and pay cash and plan for cheap tickets and a rental house on the beach....

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