Thursday, September 27, 2007

Band graffiti

On the way to the loading dock at work today, I noticed a lot of band graffiti on the walls. Or, at least I'm assuming it was all band graffiti; I'd like to think that "RANCID" wasn't written by a worker at one of the restaurants in reference to anything other than the band. But I can't think of any non-musical meaning for "Hatebreed" or "Sepultura". I noticed a certain commonality to the bands whose names are scrawled on the walls: they tend to be of the bad/loud genres. The more I think about it, this makes sense. I would've been shocked to see "PAUL SIMON" or "JAMES TAYLOR" inked onto the walls with a Sharpie. They don't have the fan base. They might have fans who'll pay $500 to see them in concert, but nobody loves them enough to scribble their names on a wall next to a service elevator....

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