Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Normally I don't have much trouble with mosquitoes while I'm cycling. I think I'm generally going too fast for insects to be a real problem (today I set a personal record and made the 4.7-mile trip downtown in 17 minutes. I rock!). Especially since I've usually got a Murphy's-Law-inspired headwind whenever I bicycle anywhere. Today, though, I had an unpleasant moment when I rode through a cloud of mosquitoes on the road. Normally I just zoom through, making sure my mouth is closed and I'm exhaling through my nose so I don't inhale any. Today, due to some odd quirk of wind, the baggy sleeve of my t-shirt apparently acted as a sort of mosquito ram scoop. I didn't realize it for a minute, but when I left the mosquito cloud I picked up two or three dozen mosquitoes inside my shirt, in the vicinity of my left armpit. I had to pull over and engage in some serious slapping and freaking out. I think I got bitten eighteen or twenty times on the same four square inches of armpit skin. Aaaugh! The bites were bad enough that I actually broke out the calamine lotion when I got home.

Really, in spite of things like this happening occasionally, I enjoy riding my bike. It's really true: a bad day on a bike is still better than a good day in a car. I think it's the same mentality that lets me enjoy hiking and camping.

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