Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Totally surprising electronics discovery

Note to self -- Chi Chi's Mild Chunky Salsa is apparently bad for computer RAM.

Yeah, don't ask.


Anonymous said...


This post reminds me of a story that my wife told me about overhearing a fellow student's conversation back in college. The student in question began one particular conversation with this line: "The last time I accidentally took my dogs thryoid medicine..." The rest of the conversation is inconsequential--the important part is: How the hell?

I asked myself the same thing after I stopped chuckling to myself after reading about your unfortunate salsa-semiconductor interaction.

I've been enjoying your posts. Keep it up.


Jeff Mountjoy said...

I was actually a little surprised the salsa killed the RAM. I knocked the ram module off my desktop into the bowl of salsa on the floor (see? I was being good: I didn't have the salsa and chips on my work surface!). I immediately rinsed it off and let it dry, but it didn't work when I put it back in the computer. I'm trying to assemble a temporary emergency computer for a friend; I guess I'm not using that RAM.

Glad you're enjoying; it's nice to know who one of my regular readers is! :-)