Sunday, August 26, 2007

Thinkin' about drinkin'

On the drive back from work today, I was briefly contemplating taking up alcohol again when I got home. For some reason, it just sounded nice to sit down to a relaxing glass of orange juice and vodka, or something like that. There's no real reason I shouldn't; I stopped drinking not because I had some kind of problem, but because I was an extremely boring drunk. A little alcohol makes me sleepy, and much more than that makes me muzzy-headed and incoherent for a few minutes before I either get sick or pass out. But I was extremely tired after work, and I thought a little ethanol would help me crash. On the other hand, being someone who never drinks is much more fun and interesting than being someone who only drinks occasionally. And never drinking is a great way to get out of drinking. People who drink a lot are prone to wanting everyone around them to drink too. If you Don't Drink, they're generally fine with that; if you Only Drink On Rare Occasions, they want one of the occasions to be right now. And, I haven't had anything with alcohol in it for almost six years now, and I'd hate to break that winning streak.

It turned out, alcohol wasn't necessary; I got home from work, did a few minutes of cat-oriented housework, and minutes later was snoozing on the couch with a forgotten book in my hand. So my six-year streak is intact.

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