Saturday, August 18, 2007

Smoothie of the day

I should preface this by saying that I have done no smoothie-oriented research. I just decided to start my days with a smoothie while Laura's gone because it sounded like an interesting thing to do. I know you can definitely take the food-in-a-blender thing too far, but it seems like a convenient way to grab a quick, extremely healthy breakfast.

So, for my first effort at random breakfasty food in a blender, I thought I'd start simple: a cup and a half of nonfat yogurt, two tablespoons of strawberry preserves, and a big scoop of chocolate-flavored protein powder. It wasn't great, but it was at least tolerable. I blame the protein powder; you can't go wrong with yogurt and strawberries. And this protein powder is pretty bad. This smoothie might be the most palatable means for consuming Biochem protein powder.

For tomorrow morning, I might look up some genuine smoothie recipies online. Or, do you have any to share?

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