Friday, August 24, 2007

Rrrazor sharp

One of the obscure entries in my skill set: sharpening knives. It's a narrow but very practical talent. I've spent a fair amount of time sharpening knives for friends and family, and almost everyone I've sharpened cutlery for has cut themselves shortly afterwards. This isn't really a testament to how sharp I can make a knife, it's more a statement about the fact that a lot of people aren't used to using genuinely sharp knives.

Tonight, though, I had a sign of precisely how sharp I can get a knife. I had just finished chopping green peppers for chili, and I used the knife to scoop up the peppers and dump them in the pot. I had the knife angled fractionally too steep to the cutting board, and without meaning to I shaved a paper-thin slice off the top of the surface of the board. It was effortless; it just sliced right off. I wouldn't have thought that this knife trick was even possible. Extreme sharpness. I'm proud of myself.

And, no -- I didn't drop the shaved wood in the chili. If I have time, I'll post my chili recipe tomorrow; it's not a guarded secret, like some people's chili recipes....

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Jennifer B. said...

That's one of the things that is frustrating living so far away from you. NO ONE else has been able to get my knives sharp. It's so annoying. I've got this great pocket knife, but it is dulling badly, and I don't have the skillset or tools to sharpen it. :/