Thursday, August 23, 2007

Non-Laura Movies, pt. 1

When Laura's out of town, I usually amuse myself by renting some decidedly non-Laura movies. The only real winner so far has been Shooter. It's a surprisingly good action flick, and Mark Wahlberg is great in the role. If you're up for a sniper movie, it's worth your time. I also caught the previously-mentioned werewolf flick Blood and Chocolate. Even for a werewolf movie, it was pretty bad. I should've just watched Underworld again. I also picked up the Buffy Sarah Michelle Gellar vehicle The Return, which was extremely meh. I thought it was a horror movie. I don't know how I got that impression. It was more of a mystery, the kind that keeps the suspense going by not telling the audience important things and having characters act stupidly. And, pet peeve: several of the cool things in the trailer (like the mirror) never actually happened in the movie, not even in the deleted scenes.

I also picked up disc one of The Dresden Files. I like the series so far; it's not much like the books, but it's entertaining and appropriately supernatural. I like the characters, the casting is okay, and it's well-produced. I might have to pick up the rest of the series at the library, as soon as they get a copy, if they get a copy. They just announced that because of the fiasco their corrupt board and crooked contractors created with their recent Central Library construction project, they're cutting their materials budget and staff budget. And yet they aren't booting anyone on the board, and the contractors are still getting their money. I think the system could benefit from a smaller number of lawyers and a slightly increased number of hit men. People in power aren't afraid of lawsuits anymore; they know that by the time their corruption makes it through the court system they'll be on to other projects and different companies, and they're unlikely to ever pay for their crimes and malfeasance. But if there were a chance that they might get gunned down for corruption, they might behave differently....

But I digress. In short: Dresden Files = good; Shooter=good; The Return=below average; Blood and Chocolate=bad. Library board = extremely naughty.

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