Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lost book

I think I might have lost a library book; ironically, the lost book is the first Lost Fleet story from Jack Campbell. The fleet, and now the book. I've done a fair amount of digging through everything in the entire house to find it, and I've had no luck. I hope it didn't get recycled with old papers, or accidentally thrown away or something. There's a chance I returned it, and that it wasn't processed correctly at the library; I'm going to check on that tomorrow. I've had it checked out for almost four months now (one of the perks of online renewal!), and I started reading it after a week or two. Then I put it down on the kitchen countertop and started a new book, intending to come back to it after a while. A week later, I couldn't find it, but assumed it would eventually turn up. Another month or two went by before I started passively looking for it (keeping my eyes open in case I ran across it), and I've been actively searching in fits and starts for two weeks or so. It'll only cost $10 or so to replace it and pay the fine, and I don't think that this particular piece of military sci-fi space opera has been in high demand, but I still feel bad I can't find it.

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