Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Imminent Departure

Laura's heading out of town for two weeks, starting tomorrow morning. As I always do, I've got some serious pining lined up for while she's gone. I've also got some bachelor times lined up. I might head up to Lafayette and visit my friends Rich and Tina for a day; I've also got some high-quality non-Laura films lined up (so far I've got two recent werewolf pix, Skinwalkers and Blood and Chocolate, and I found Timecop and Robocop I & II at the library). And I'm heading to GenCon for the day on Saturday, which is definitely not a Laura activity.

I'm also going to experiment with my diet. I'm planning on having a smoothie for breakfast every day (watch for recipes posted here) and some high-protein, low-fat dinners. I've been exercising regularly for a while, and I'm going to see if changing my diet helps the workout or gives better results. Who knows -- by the time she comes back, maybe I'll have bulging thews. I don't know where my thews are, but I remember reading L. Sprague DeCamp's Conan books when I was in grade/high school, and Conan the Barbarian had massive ones. Maybe I'll follow in his anatomical footsteps, with just the addition of a little protein in my diet.

It's generally true that I enjoy myself when I've got some time alone in the house. It's also true that I really miss Laura when she's not here. I'm very aware of the empty space on the other side of the bed, and I know that when I get home from work she won't be in the house. We talk a lot and send cute text messages on a regular basis while she's away, and I'm glad for that. But it's not the same as being with her. So I'll be extremely happy when I get to pick her up at the airport in two weeks.

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