Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The hiring process

My coworker Michele is moving to Chicago in a few weeks. She's been great to work with -- she has a great attitude, she's funny, she takes pride in her work, and she's a lot of fun to share an office with. We wish her all the best in Chicago, and we hope she keeps in touch.

Now we need to hire a replacement. Hiring is a strange thing in general, particularly for a position like this. It requires knowledge of very specific computer skills and programs which we're unlikely to find in the applicant pool, and ours is an unusual venue in which to schedule performances and run events. So we're assuming that most of these skills will be learned on the job. What we really need to find is someone with the right personality: someone who cares about what they do; easygoing enough to not stress over every little detail; energetic and physical enough to do the moderate amount of heavy lifting the job requires; detail-oriented enough to understand, on a fundamental level, how scheduling works; friendly and personable and professional enough to be the face of the Artsgarden and the Arts Council for the 80 or so private events we do every year; and, most esoteric, someone who will fit in well with our small staff of three and a half people.

Finding someone with the correct skill set for a given job is relatively simple. A single-page resume is actually a fairly accurate guideline for assessing an applicant's skill set. It's a lot harder to divine a person's personality. We've been lucky so far; the three people who have held the job have all been good to work with. I'm hoping our luck holds out with Artsgarden Coordinator Number Four. We've got a stack of resumes. I don't envy my boss's job, trying to find the right match for us and the job....

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