Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Heat -- It Burns!

As of this afternoon, Indianapolis is expected to have record-high heat -- our longest stretch ever of days over 90 degrees. Of course, I'm still biking everywhere. And I'm honestly a little surprised that I'm not having any problems with the heat. I'm being smart and staying hydrated, and it probably helps that I generate my own breeze when I ride. Today the heat index hit 105, and I had absolutely no problems on the bike ride home. Or, only minor problems. Minor problem number one: I stopped at the grocery and bought deli cookies, and the chocolate chips were all melty by the time I got home, waah! The other minor problem is that I'm sweating buckets at the end of my rides, and it takes me a few minutes to cool down and dry off.

In related news, the city put into effect its extreme heat plan today. I didn't know we had such a thing here; this is the first I've ever heard of it. Essentially, they issue heat-related health warnings to the public and keep public pools and air-conditioned park buildings and community centers open later. I'm getting a kick out of some of the warnings; they include "wear light-colored clothing", "drink lots of fluids", "avoid drinks containing caffeine or large amounts of sugar", and my favorite: "NEVER [emphasis theirs] leave anyone in a closed, parked vehicle". I'm disturbed that they think people need to be told this. And I'm more disturbed that they're right: people DO need to be told this. And these people can vote....

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