Monday, August 27, 2007

Define "international"

At the Artsgarden tonight we're hosting an event with an international theme. They're decorating with a wide variety of national flags; they asked the local Kiwanis club for an assortment, and they got the box labeled "A thru K". Which, if you think about it, is a pretty good way to get a geographically diverse collection of flags. Someone asked me if I was hanging an American flag, and I said I wasn't. They said this didn't seem right, that the U.S. wasn't represented in the decor. I pointed out that if someone wanted "international music", I probably couldn't get away with playing Bob Seger and claiming it's international because he's from America and it's a country too. So no U.S. flag. Which is fine; from where I'm sitting right now I can see four American flags. I think we're represented well enough.

Question: if someone wants "international music", can I get away with playing Native American music? I am, because our musical selection consists of the "world music" playlist on my iPod. I'm not worried; what people expect to hear has less to do with country of origin as with the fact that it sounds ethnic....

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