Monday, August 20, 2007

Biking in the Rain

I biked home today in the rain.

Okay, that's not technically correct; I biked home today in the torrential downpour. I waited at work until it looked like the rain had stopped for a while, and I made it almost five blocks before the sky split and dumped buckets of water on me. I zipped into the grocery store and bought a Pizzeria Uno frozen pizza (figuring I'd need a treat when I got home), and used plastic grocery sacks to bag up everything in my backpack to keep my stuff from getting drenched too. More waiting, but the rain showed no sign of stopping, so I just biked home in it. I was so wet when I got home that I stepped in the shower with all of my clothes still on, shoes and all, to wash the road grit off. I really didn't get any wetter in the shower than I already was.

The highlight of the ride? I had to stop on Vermont Street for the train crossing. And as soon as I stopped, the moderate rain turned into the previously-mentioned torrential downpour. I waited for about five minutes while the train passed; it was a long five minutes. When I started biking again, I was as wet as I could be, and it didn't really get worse on the rest of the ride.

And, in spite of all this, I still had a great time riding. Some people are exercise-prone, and others are exercise-averse. I'm the former; I can spot the latter by their astonishment that I would choose to bike to work, even though I've got access to a working vehicle this week....

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