Tuesday, August 28, 2007

And, speaking of shakes...

We had lunch today at Steak n' Shake downtown. We've got a running joke about the place; we've never eaten there and had everyone's orders come out correct. We generally order simple food, so I'm surprised that they can so consistently get things wrong. Today we were okay except for the milkshakes. But it was enough to keep their screwing-up-orders streak alive. I'm curious to see what they get wrong the next time we're back (in three or four months; we're not regulars).

Someone from the Indianapolis Convention and Visitors Association told me that there are 250 restaurants within an eight-block walk of us. This might be true, but when we feel the need to go out and eat, we generally choose from the same six or eight places. It's generally a choice between Subway, Einstein's Bagels, South Bend Chocolate Company, Au Bon Pain, Paradise Cafe, and (the recently opened) Taco Bell, with an occasional Rock Bottom or PF Chang's thrown in on special occasions. Laura and I do this too; when we go out to eat it's at a relatively narrow list of restaurants, maybe six places that account for 95% of our restaurant dining. For a while, I felt a bit boring about this. But, really, I don't feel the need to try every storefront Chinese restaurant or pizza place in town. We've got a few places we really like, and I'm okay to stick with them.

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