Sunday, July 29, 2007

Random DVD observation

I think everyone's irritated that you can't fast-forward through the pile of copyright warnings that precede movies on DVD. They aren't necessary, for one thing: video pirates ignore the warnings, and honest viewers don't need to see it. The fact that the warnings are repeated in French is an added irritant; the movie I just watched (Stranger Than Fiction -- quite good, by the way) doesn't have a French language track, so it's a good bet that anyone watching it won't need the warnings in French. I blame Canada. Our discs here are region 1 encoded (part of the irritating yet easily-bypassed copy protection scheme), and can therefore only be seen in Region One, which includes Quebec but not France. However, there are more people who speak only Spanish in the region-one countries than there are people who speak only French. And, technically, America doesn't have an official language. Therefore, I think the warnings should be either English-only (the most common region-one language), or should be shown in every conceivable language that someone might speak. Because, who knows? It's possible that someone will be entertaining thoughts of copying their DVD and embarking on a life of crime, and because of the warning will realize the error of their ways and instead choose to become a stockbroker. Spending two hours of DVD time scrolling through the warnings in Farsi and Apache is a small price to pay for helping someone down the straight-and-narrow.

I've always enjoyed the irony that you don't actually see the warning if you're copying the DVD, only if you're trying to actually watch the movie....

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