Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Not Really A Bike Lane

The city of Indianapolis made a big deal a few years ago about adding bike lanes to downtown streets. Cyclists were happy to see the city finally taking steps toward making downtown a more bike-friendly place. But, after spending a few months trying to travel the bike lanes, I've decided the city was just kidding. They painted several blue lines a few feet from the curb on several downtown streets, but they didn't change anything else. Like removing the parking meters. If cars can park in the bike lane, it's not a bike lane -- it's a parking lane:

It might be worse than having no bike lane at all; if there's a bike lane painted on the street I try to stay on it, so I was spending a lot of time swerving in and out of the traffic lane when I pass parked cars. I've hit the point where I just pretend there is no bike lane and ride with the cars. This actually works out pretty well, since some of the bike lanes are also turn lanes:

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