Sunday, July 15, 2007

Fun YouTube Trick

Had an interesting event last night at the Artsgarden, for disorganized and stressful values of interesting. We hosted a beauty pageant/father-daughter ball for a church-based summer camp, and it was blatantly organized by a committee. Everything was last-minute; they bought the gift bags for the pageant runners-up at the mall, after the event started. They had three different versions of the schedule, with start and end times varying by an hour. The "producer" did have an itinerary for the evening, but she only printed one copy, and it was wrong in any case. Worse, they did their best to make all of their organizational issues somehow reflect on the venue (that is, us). On the positive side, the band was good, and they improvised well; several of the girls' talent entries involved singing, and most didn't bring music, but the band guys vamped along behind them and made it sound like it was on purpose. And the food was yummy. Our caterer, Ritz-Charles, does an excellent pasta bar, and Brandon, Ritz's manager-on-duty, improvised a very nice punch with ginger ale, pineapple juice, sparkling white grape juice, and a few other odds and ends.

I also got to improvise a bit myself. One of the girls did a gymnastics routine, and the "organizers" made a vague attempt to give me her music. They handed me three unlabeled CDs and told me that her song was on one of them, and that it started with bells, so I should be able to find it. I listened to all 55 tracks, and heard no bells. They figured out that they didn't bring the right stack of CDs, but they knew her song was the Mission: Impossible theme (which, I feel the need to point out, most distinctly does not start with bells). I didn't want to spend my own money to download the theme from iTunes or another online music store, so instead I searched on YouTube and found a video which used the M:I theme as background music. I played the video for her routine; everyone else was watching the gymnastics, but I was watching the MacGyver mashup. Fun!

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