Saturday, July 21, 2007

For sale -- kidding!

Indy's nicer neighborhoods are rife with fake for-sale signs like this one:
I pedaled past a house in Lockerbie Square with one of these signs in the front yard on the ride home today. The owner was out watering the lawn, so I stopped and had this conversation with him:
Jeff: "Hey, how much are you asking?"
HomeOwner: "...what?"
J: "My wife and I were looking at this neighborhood, and I was just wondering what your asking price is."
HO: "...what?"
J: "You've got a for-sale sign in the yard, but there's no phone number on it."
HO: "Oh. We're not selling. We're protesting our enormous tax bill."
J: "...oh. You know, you shouldn't tell prospective buyers that."

I was feeling sarcastic but not particularly confrontational, so I didn't say anything like, "Oh -- protest by lying. Nice!"

Again, I want to mention that, yes, taxes did go up in Marion County. But the tax rate increase wasn't much -- the real kicker was the fact that homes are now being assessed at their resale value, not their construction cost, so people in really nice neighborhoods had a much higher tax increase than those of us in the 'hood. And I'm a bit tired of hearing people in Indy's most desirable neighborhoods say, essentially, "Waah, my taxes are being assessed fairly for the first time ever -- woe is me!"

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