Friday, June 22, 2007

God, f***ing with me

While I was in Virginia I spent a lot of time working. I was planning on volunteering, and I mostly did; the first week I was there, we did a fundraiser to send Nijinsky's Last Dance to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Laura did the lighting, and I did wild techie things. After Nijinsky came down, we spent our last few days hanging a rep plot in the space. I actually got paid for this work, and paid well. I totally wasn't expecting it, so the money ended up in that precious "unbudgeted" category. On the drive back I did some daydreaming about how to spend it. I was planning to spend a few dollars replacing my mp3 player; Fry's now sells the same model for around $30, and I've been without one since before Christmas. The rest of the money was probably going to pay off some bills. I was planning on talking with Laura tonight about the possibility of using the money to finally fix my Saturn instead. As much as I enjoy biking everywhere, it'd be nice to have the car as an option.

This is no longer an option. While we were driving around this morning, the brakes died on the Jeep. Died hard, I should mention; when I stepped on the pedal, nothing happened. My reflexes are good, so we avoided a wreck, but we had to have the car towed to the dealership for repairs. I spent the afternoon waiting with the car, but they couldn't finish it today. It'll be fixed tomorrow morning sometime. I started suspecting that the sudden vehicle failure was Fate's way of keeping me from enjoying my small windfall. It was seeming pretty likely that this was the case when the mechanic told me how much the repair would cost. The repair plus the towing costs total to 22 cents less than my Virginia money. God left me almost a quarter -- gee, thanks. The real clincher? The brake failure occurred as we were pulling out of the parking lot of the bank, after depositing the money. I strongly suspect that God did this just to piss me off.

On the glass-half-full side, a lot of this could be viewed optimistically. The brake failure could've occurred a day earlier, while we were on the interstate, which would've been much worse. And if I hadn't gotten paid, the Jeep repairs would've had to go on credit. But I'm choosing to wallow in the grouchiness for now. I would've liked a working mp3 player, and I wanted to pay off some bills, and I wanted to be able to fix my car. Now I'm feeling like I spent my vacation volunteering. Which was the original plan, after all, but after having the money in my hands for a day or so, I'm now feeling like I traded my vacation to maintain our status quo.

Sorry about the slightly-bitter whining. I'll be back to perky and optimistic tomorrow.

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