Thursday, June 28, 2007

Die Hardest-est: pretty good!

Laura and I went on an actual date last night: we saw Live Free or Die Hard at Showplace 12 at Washington Square. The original Die Hard was a genuinely good, entertaining movie. The sequel was somewhat less so, and the third in the series wasn't good. So I went into LFoDH with pretty low expectations. And I was pleasantly surprised. The action was excellent, the CGI wasn't blatant, and the story was good. If you're up for a summer action movie, this is better than most.

We had a funny moment during the movie (this might be a spoiler, but it's from the first five minutes of the movie so it doesn't spoil much): the plot of the movie revolves around a gang of hackers attacking America's information infrastructure. At one point in the movie, as the chaos spreads, a character mentions that the next thing to go will probably be the power grid. At this exact moment, the power went off in the movie theater. Nice timing! The east side was hammered by a thunderstorm while we were in the theater, and we were without power for probably ten minutes.

Random observation: at one point fairly early in the story, the bad guys hack the nation's traffic control systems and turn all the stoplights green in Washington, DC. And there's an instant wreck at every single intersection. Apparently, nobody notices when their light turns green that cross traffic isn't stopping, or just barges into the intersection anyway. I've driven in DC, and I find this completely realistic.

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