Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Toy I Want!

In the interest of completely geeking out and completing my gargoyle rig*, I'm extremely psyched about the Myvue personal media viewer. It's essentially a pair of sunglasses with a built-in video screen and headphones. So far they're only available for video iPods, but a universal model is on the way. I like the idea of being able to distract myself from the wildly interesting world around me not only with audio, but also with video. Soon it'll be possible to completely ignore the real world, overlaying it with content of my choosing!

I know this is old tech -- practically ancient, given that its debut review (so packed with glowing adjectives, it reads like a paid review) appeared a year ago this month. But it now comes with a cool wrinkle that appeals to me: a perscription lens clip-on! The disadvantage is that you still need to carry your glasses, for when you take the Myvue off. But at least you can see around the screens without bumping into things while you walk.

One slight problem: I don't actually own any type of portable media player. So the first thing I need is a video iPod. I'm not spending the money on one of those; I just don't see myself using one, ever. But if I did have one, it'd be nice to have the video headset to go with it. Plus: gargoyle! I'd have to see if I could split the video input between the iPod, my internet-enabled phone (which I don't own either), and my GPS (which I also don't own). And, while I'm daydreaming, interface it with my Crowbar Satellite personal orbital enemy-annihilation railgun.

And, minor technology-related pet peeve: the use of the word rock by hardware reviewers, as a verb meaning "to employ" or "to utilize". It seems I can't read a review at, say, PocketPC Thoughts or Experience Mobility without seeing it: "this device rocks a 400mhz processor...", "the latest phone rocks bluetooth and GPS...", etc. Gaaah!

* Sci-fi people: if you haven't read Snow Crash, you should.

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