Saturday, May 12, 2007

The official Jeep haircut

I've been thinking again about getting a haircut. My needs are simple: something that's easy to take care of. My first thought was to shave my head. It's easy to maintain, and it no longer carries an automatic neo-nazi political affiliation. Now it connotes that you're middle-aged and hiding the fact that you're balding. But Laura vetoed the skinhead look. She also nixed the idea of a more military haircut. I don't know that I like the look, but it has the advantages of ease of maintenance and the fact that I can cut my hair myself. I was about to say that if it were hard to maintain, the military wouldn't require it, but dozens of counterexamples sprang immediately to mind.

In the search for a new hairstyle, I'm looking for something that I can cut myself (because I'm cheap), and something that requires no styling products (because I'm cheap and lazy). I'm utterly unconcerned about fashion; I would have to get bad emo hair to be less stylish than the pony tail. I like the hippie hair, but I'm fully aware that, on the fashion scale, it falls somewhere between parachute pants and Nehru jackets.

I want to mention that I'm happy with my current lack-of-hairstyle in general. But every time I hop in the Jeep with the top down, I want a haircut. Laura's not getting rid of the Jeep, and I really dislike the sensation of my hair lashing me in the face and eyes. Normally I wear a do-rag in the Jeep, even though it looks pretty dorky. This morning I had the do-rag, but I hadn't pulled my hair back yet, so the effect was the same. I know lots of people with long hair ride in Jeeps, and most of them aren't skeeved by the hair-whapping. I might be in pet-peeve territory here. Maybe I should refer to Laura's universal advice and just Get Over It. That, or get a haircut.

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Jennifer B. said...

GACK! You CAN'T cut your hair off! Pwease? I wouldn't know who you WERE with short hair. You've always had that awesome ponytail. Get a ballcap, wear it in the jeep, and toss it in the backseat when you get to your destination. PLEASE don't cut your coif! :) :) :)