Friday, May 25, 2007

the Non-Vacation

It looks like Laura and I will be going to Virginia for a chunk of June. It's a working vacation, with much emphasis on the working. She's designing and opening a show, then hanging a rep plot in the theater. I'm playing the role of Tech Guy and Backstage Denizen. We're a good team for this kind of thing. But we'll definitely be busy. it'll take two days to drive out and two more days to drive back, and while we're there we've got a lot to do.

We've also got a lot to do before we leave, mostly getting the house ready for the Geezer Party. We still need to paint the hall and upstairs, and we've got much cleaning and fixing of stuff to do after the painting's done. I've made great strides with the home repair recently; I've fixed the front storm door (broken since early December) and the back storm door (which hasn't been closing correctly for a long time), and I'm getting lots of little projects done. Once I finish the painting, I'm down to a manageable to-do list -- defined as "no immediate projects hanging over my head". Just siding, woodwork, more siding, roofing, digging up the big rose bush in the back, gutter repair, floor-joist repair, installing an attic vent fan, fixing the furnace, and possibly chain-sawing a hole in the back of the house to add a greenhouse window. Which, really, is a pretty short homeowner list. I'll be tackling the projects in order of affordability, meaning I've got built-in breaks between projects while we save up for the next home-repair adventure.

Given all that, my short-term prospects for finding time to write are pretty slim. I'm seriously starting to lose faith and hit the Why Bother point. But I'm still a little too busy to pick up that part-time Borders job just yet.

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