Tuesday, May 01, 2007

More. Cats. Gaaah!

Two of our cats apparently went into simultaneous labor. I think the first one was born around quarter after eight this morning. I saw them in the side yard when I was leaving for work. Topper and Cooper were huddled together, and a few feet away was a kitten. I assumed at the time that they just had one kitten, but apparently that was just the first. Here's the whole pile, which I saw after work. I took two very short videos: one of the kittens nursing, one of the kittens by themselves. It's highly cute, and a little bothersome. We're approaching Critical Cat Mass in the neighborhood, and I don't think we can handle too many more cats.

Cooper and Topper chose the side yard as their birthing berth. They're still there with their kittens at the moment; this seems unwise. For one thing, we've got dogs in the neighborhood. Even the friendlier dogs aren't likely to react well to a pile of kittens. I suspect some of the other cats might not like it either. For another thing, it's supposed to rain tonight. I was considering grabbing the cats and putting them in the box in the garage, but I'm nervous about touching them. I suspect Cooper and Topper can move them when they feel the need. And, since they gave birth together, they might even get smart and have one do the guarding while the other does the moving.

So, anybody want a kitten? They're cute; I've got a few more pix (of fairly bad quality) up at my Flickr page....

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