Saturday, May 19, 2007

Masking Cat

In preparation for painting the upstairs hallway and stairs, I spent a while today masking all the woodwork. Different painters have different ideas about how you should apply masking tape; one theory is that you're happier using one continuous piece of tape, folding it into corners, while other painters use lots of short pieces of tape. I'm a long taper, mostly because it supports the Type A part of my personality. But I just discovered one of the disadvantages. I finished the upstairs hall and went downstairs to make lunch. Just as I was finishing my omelet, I heard a lot of frantic crinkling sounds from the second floor. I wandered up and found Emmett the cat wrapped up in most of the tape I had just finished. She apparently started at the end near the baseboard and engaged in an epic battle with the blue tape monster. I didn't think to get a picture, which is a shame. It was cute enough that it balanced out my irritation with having to start over with the masking....

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