Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Bachelor food, finally!

Tonight I experienced serious bachelor food for the first time since Laura's been gone. I had a frozen pizza on Monday, but that doesn't count; for one thing, it was a high-quality Pizzeria Uno pizza. For another thing, I had it with a friend. Tonight's dinner involved actual cooking. It consisted of Kraft mac and cheese, two cans of tuna, a cup of frozen peas, some pepper, and half a cup of spaghetti sauce, all mixed together. It's not really unhealthy, either. If I figure it as two servings, each serving provides around 30 grams of protein, seven hundred calories, two servings of grain, two servings of vegetables, a serving of dairy (from the butter and milk; I don't think the virulently orange cheese powder counts), and a full day's supply of wild bachelorness.

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