Monday, April 16, 2007

Under The Weather.

Sunday was my first bachelor day. I got home from work ready to engage in Wild Bachelor Activities. I was specifically thinking of eating pot pies and reading on the couch; I was pretty boring when I was an actual bachelor, too. My plans got derailed by a medium-strength case of food poisoning. Starting around 7pm, and ending around 1:30am, a lot of my evening was spent like this:
I don't have any pictures of me ralphing, because the cats haven't figured out how to use the camera yet. But this gives you a general idea of my yesterday. And, anyway, Emmett makes a much cuter picture than I do.

I still don't know what made me sick; my entire food intake yesterday consisted of coffee, cereal, a PB&J, and two ProMax protein bars, none of which are particularly suspicious. The standard food-poisoning symptoms were accompanied by a splitting, crushing headache. It was probably 2pm today before I felt vaguely human again. Now I'm mostly all better, though I'm still a bit queasy. My food intake for today has consisted of a little Mountain Dew (I wasn't going to risk coffee, but I want to avoid the caffeine headache), two organic toaster pastries, lots of water, and ten pringles. And that'll probably be it before bed. Here's to feeling better tomorrow.

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