Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Tour Schedule

It just occurred to me -- I never mentioned Laura's tour schedule here. She left last Sunday for Norfolk, Virginia. This Sunday, she flies back; she gets in town around 9pm. Monday, she's designing lights for Spotlight, starting at 8am. That'll last until around midnight or 1am, and she has to hop back on a plane at 8am the next morning. She'll fly back to Norfolk, finish her show there, and have a day off (which she'll spend with her mom in Fairfax, Virginia). Afterwards, she goes to Lynchburg, Virginia for another show, and she gets back to Indy late on the 7th of May.

I suspect she's a bit overworked; then again, it's nice for her to be at a point, professionally, where she's in demand as much as she is. I'm very proud of her and the work she does, and I'm always amazed at how she sees the world. I think the world is more beautiful through her eyes than through mine, and I like discovering these little bits of her vision when I see her work. And I'm glad other people like what she does as well.

On a different note, this means I'm living the Wild Bachelor Life for a few weeks while she's gone. This mostly means a change in diet and a shift to less-regular hours. She makes rather more elaborate meals than I prepare for myself, so the shift to quick, basic, somewhat bland cooking is a pretty big change; still, I don't generally have the energy to spend lots of time cooking (or, more accurately, I'd rather spend the energy in other ways). I tend to avoid prepackaged foods, but I'm completely content to eat, say, cottage cheese for dinner, or a big bowl of wild rice, or couscous with diced George-Foreman-Grilled chicken. I'm planning on making chili tomorrow, which I'll eat for a few more meals the rest of the week, and I have an emergency backup Pizzeria Uno pizza in the fridge, just in case. But in general, I've shifted away from my old bachelor food habits.

My schedule is also more erratic when Laura's not home. I like spending time with Laura, so I work my schedule around hers so we can have evenings together. And if she's in bed, I tend to be too; even if I wake up early (or feel like staying up late), I tend to keep her in-bed schedule. So when she's not around, I tend to hit the bookstore on the way home more often, and I'm more inclined to be social. And, I tend to fall asleep on the couch a lot more.

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