Monday, April 02, 2007


I donated platelets at the blood center last week. I hadn't stepped on a scale since giving up soda and related beverages, so in addition to parting with some precious bodily fluids I was also curious to see how much weight I had lost by dropping 400 calories in soda from my daily diet. Imagine my surprise to find that I somehow managed to gain eight pounds. I think this is the sign that I'm officially grown-up; I now have to worry about middle-aged spread. I just hit the point where I notice my tummy in the way when I bend over to touch my toes. So I'm making a point of exercising regularly and stretching and riding my bike to work. So far, so good, and it's been three whole days.

I'm also feeling like I'm not as strong as I once was. My weight has been in a state of increase for the last ten years. When I was 25 and rock climbing regularly, I was pretty steadily 145 pounds: wiry, cut, and with no excess body fat. When I was 30 and hitting people regularly, I was 160-165 pounds, but stronger than I was when I was climbing. And my legs were in much better shape. Now that I'm 35 1/2, and getting no regular intense activity, I just tipped the scale at 185. Gaaah! And the extra weight isn't muscle. In my climbing days, I would do pull-ups in sets of 26 or 28. For extra exercise, I would wear a tool apron with weights in the pockets. Adding 20 pounds dropped my count to 15 pull-ups. When I weighed 165 I was down to 15 pull-ups without the tool apron, which is a good indication that I didn't gain any upper-body strength. I haven't done any pull-ups in a long time, but I suspect I'm below ten now. Yeah, time to get back to the exercise!

And, in the interest of keeping up with my Getting-Things-Done organizational system, I'm writing down all of my exercise. If I get extremely desperate for things to blog about, I'll post it here. :-)

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