Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Me=early. Plane=late.

Laura has an odd effect on aircraft. When she's on her way home from a trip, she really wants to get back in a hurry. This interacts with the chronal field of the plane she's flying on, and it ends up arriving in record time. The last few trips she's taken, I've shown up right on time at the airport to pick her up, only to discover that her plane landed early and she was already waiting for me with her luggage. So I went out of my way to arrive early this time. I found out that her flight was late, for a change; it might have picked up chronal interference from my perpetual tardiness field.

An airport oddity. The display board showed her 8:20 scheduled arrival as "DELAYED - ARRIVE 8:34". It was about 8:35 when I first saw her, and when I looked up at the arrivals board, it had changed to "ARRIVED 8:20". Are they wrong? Are they lying? Or is this just a matter of the way airlines keep time? I know that a flight is counted as "on time" for statistical purposes as long as it pulls away from the gate on time. It doesn't matter if it sits on the runway for an hour before takeoff; it can land at the wrong airport because of weather issues, and it still counts as on time as long as it backed away from the gate at the correct time.

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