Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Like chocolate and peanut butter

Jazz and poetry -- individually, they're much fun (done correctly; bad poetry is less fun than a trip to the dentist's). And together, they make a fun combination -- there's a kind of synergy. Today at the Artsgarden we've got a jazz poet, Bam Miller, backed up by a killer band: Marvin Chandler on piano, Jack Gilfoy on drums, David Young on sax, and Billy Meyers on bass. If you ever get a chance to watch her perform, it's worth the trip if you're a fan of poetry and jazz. She's got buckets of style, her band is phenomenal, and they jive well together.

And, appropriately, April is not only National Jazz Appreciation Month, it's also National Poetry Appreciation Month. If only Bam had some angsty poetry (it's also National Anxiety Month), and if she could perform it while welding in her garden (also National Welding Month and National Garden Month), that would be pretty funny. Because it's also National Humor Month.

Aletra Hampton, the last survivor of The Hampton Family Band, and later The Hampton Sisters, came to see the show today. And she did a number of her own after the concert. We're always happy to have her sit at the Steinway; she's a wonderful woman, and she's a living piece of music history. I think this was the first time I've seen her since her sister Virtue died, and I was glad she came by. I wished I could've gotten a recording of her performance.

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